KRPLUS 10 Inch 5 Micron Spun Filter Heavy Duty 2.75 Inch OD Dia For Water Purifier, 150 Gram Weight, (Pack Of 2)


  • Replacing of Spun Filter every 3 to 4 month can save bigger expenses. -Regular replacing of Spun Filter protects RO Membrane and choking of other filters
  • Dirt and sediment removal water filters. These pre filters are commonly used to remove dirt
  • Suitable for all RO Water , filter Size 10 inch x 2.75 inch , 150 g, 5 micron
  • Further any query feel free to contact us 9911995476 or email us krglobals@gmail.com


Introducing our high-quality Spun Filter Cartridge, designed to provide superior filtration for your water purification system. Measuring 10 inches in length, this filter cartridge is made from Polypropylene materials and features a unique spun fiber design that effectively captures sediment, dirt, rust, and other impurities commonly found in water sources. The 10-inch spun filter cartridge is an essential component of any water filtration or purification system. Made with high-quality polypropylene material, this filter cartridge is designed to effectively remove sediment, dirt, rust, and other impurities from water. Its unique spun design provides a large surface area, ensuring maximum filtration efficiency and longer filter life. The 10-inch size makes it easy to install and replace, and it fits most standard filter housings. With its superior filtration capabilities, the spun filter cartridge ensures clean and safe drinking water for your home, office, or industrial application.

What is a sediment water filter cartridge?

It’s usually placed as the first stage of the water filtration system to remove rust, iron, sand, silt and particulates from water. As the first line of defense in the filtration system.

It’s a best choice for removing fine sediment from well water / hard water / city water / municipal water / drinking water, etc.

What is a micron rating?

The unwanted particles found in water are measured in microns.

For example, a filter with a micron rating of 5 will filter out contaminants of 5 micron or larger. Our filter with 99% efficiency rating removes 99% of the particles at all above the 5-micron size.

3.What is filters options?

PP spun filter, Remove sand, dirt, sediment. life time:6 months. Call: 9911995476


Looking for the perfect filter cartridge for your water purifier? Welcome to KRPLUS by KR GLOBALS, the home of easy-to-follow guides for installing pre filters. Our detailed videos cover all the essential steps, making it easier than ever to keep your purifier running efficiently. Learn the latest tips and tricks from our experts and start enjoying the crystal clear water you deserve – for latest video do subscribe now!

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