KRPLUS® 6 Inch Spun Filter for PUREIT Classic RO + MF + UV Water Purifier, 2.75″ OD Dia (100 Gram)

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  • Product Dimensions: 6 Inch Length, 2.75 Inch OD Dia (15.24cm x 7.12cm)
  • Suitable for Marvella Mineral RO+UV, Eco Marvella RO+UV, Eco Ultima RO+UV, Eco Copper RO+UV
  • High flow and long life for low maintenance. A Sediment Filter removes the physical debris and impurities from your water.
  • The spun filter has tiny holes through which water is able to pass, however the unwanted particles are not.
  • Replacement of Spun Filter every 3 to 4 month can save bigger expenses. – Regular replacement of Spun Filter protects RO Membrane and choking of other filters.
  • Further any query feel free to contact us 9911-99-5476


This Filter is of 6 Inch Length 2.75 Inch OD and specifically suitable for the Pre Filter bowl of PUREIT Classic RO + MF + UVvWater Purifiers. This filter is of 5 micron pore size i.e. 5000 nano meter. Once installed this filter completely stops all the silt/sand/rust particles from entering the water purifier. This Pre Filter Cartridge is specifically suitable for the Pre Filter bowl of Pureit Models only, in which PP Spun are installed. Installing of this cartridge ensures all the silt/sand/rust particles are stops at the thresh-hold before entering the water purifier thus enhancing the life of the Filter cartridges fitted inside the Water Purifier. Clean drinking water is vital for health. If there are harmful substances in your water supply, home water filtration is the perfect solution. Suspended matter like sand, dirt, rust, loose scale, pipe corrosion, clay, and other organic materials can be reduced by sediment filters. KRPLUS 5 Micron Pre Filter PP Spun Water Purifier are designed using thermally bonded pure polypropylene microfiber for superior chemical resistance and high purity filtration. The spun filter cartridge is an economical variant that is widely used for taste, odor and color removal from liquids. It has a broad thermal and chemical compatibility; hence is a popular choice for water filter housing.


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