Water Purifier Installation In Delhi

How to install RO Water Purifier in just 10 Minutes Delhi-NCR

Follow the steps given below:

Step -1 Unpack and unbox your Branded/Unbranded RO Water Purifier carefully.


Unbox the box by keeping it on a smooth and fair surface. Remove the packing strip and cut the tapings on the upper face with the help of a knife or sharp object. Take out and go through the user manual properly. Tilt the box and remove the tapings applied on the base with the same sharp object.


Step – 2 Take out all the accessories Inlet Valve,  RO Membrane from the box. Take out the following accessories while removing the themocol sheet;


  • Instruction Manual
  • Water Jug
  • RO Membrane
  • Few Meter Pipes
  • Diverter /Inlet Valve
  • Screws and Inserts
  • Wall Brackets

Keep them near your installation process so that you can access them frequently. remove the poly packing. Handle your product with care. Now you are ready for the core installation process.


Step – 3 Choose the area where the water purifier needs to be fitted wisely. Don’t ever place the purifier just above the water tap.


Firstly, observe and analyze the space including its advantages and disadvantages before applying your RO Purifier. Choose the space keeping in view that RO can be repaired and serviced easily. Don’t place in the area near direct sunlight or moisture. Never place it just above the water taps as drilling can damage pipelines.


Step – 4 Check for the TDS level of the tap water 


Check for signs of contaminated water or dust particles or yellow stains in the sinks, in any of these cases, use Pre-filters and do check for rust and leakages in kitchen pipelines.


Step – 5 Search for a electric circuit near the purifier.


Place the purifier in a place where 5-amp circuit is exactly at 1 meters of distance which is equivalent to the distance of wire attached to the purifier.


Step – 6 Insert The Diverter Into The Water Tap

Install the water purifier in the facility of normal water supply only. Close the water supply line. Remove the water tap attached to the water supply (normal water) using pipe range. Apply Teflon tape on the end of water diverter so that there is no leakage. Place the external thread exactly at the vacant spot where you removed your valve. Tight is using the pipe range.


Step – 7 Drill holes to hang the water purifier on wall


Make sure that you are placing the purifier on the right position so that it may not be too near or too far from the reach of consumers. Use analytical liquid balance to mark brackets for drilling. Keep a distance of RO Purifier exactly 1.5 Fts from the cooking slap.


Step – 8 Attach the bulk head connector jointer between the purifier membranes to the drain pipe using jointers.


Attach a mutual and joint outlet between overflow and reject outlet using pipes and jointers. Cut the pipes and attach them to the nobs of overflow and reject outlet bases and connect them using jointer placed it between.


Step – 9 Drain the pre-carbon filter and sediment after afterwards. First full water tank of the purifier is not for drinking purpose.


Now open the water pipeline controller and switch on the diverter and as well as the electricity socket (by closing the circuit or switching the plugged circuit ON). Drain out the unclean or yellowish water from firstly, the sediment filter and secondly, the carbon filter to remove the manufactured or vacant occupied impurities from the entire purifier. Make sure that the process gets completed. It will take about 5 to 15 minutes depending upon the quality and atmospheric conditions of the tap water and ultimately, the area. It is very important because if you don’t do it, at that time, the impure yellowish/blackish water may go and detoxicate/damage the carbon and purifier filters of the RO purifier or it may also, effect or reduce the activity or durability of water purifier. (Make sure that the process goes along at least 5 minutes.) After the process is completed, remove the pipe and attach the pre-carbon pipe in the original nods at the required or suggested membrane. Do it after only switching off the circuit or de-electrifying the purifier or switching off the circuit.


Step – 10 Enjoy the healthy water by KRPLUS RO.


Make sure to drain the first full tank as it is undrinkable and ensure to check for TDS level of the water of the purifier. KRPLUS RO is completely functional and fully operational in its service of serving you. Now you have to enjoy the adoring taste of true water that has minerals and works on making you healthier than ever.