KRPLUS® Portable Water Quality Tester Electrolyzer, Water Testing Meter, Hard Water Test for Hydroponics, Pools, Spas, Drinking Water, etc (1 Piece)

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  • Convenient: A simple and inexpensive way to test the quality of your water, see the status of your drinking water.
    Premium quality: Made of premium materials, compact and lightweight, strong and durable to use, come with aluminum and iron bar, not easy to deform and damage, strong wear resistance.
  • Easy Operation: Quick and easy to operate tests with obvious test results. It’s easy to install, easy to operate, easy to transport, and it’s your ideal accessory.
  • Wide application: Ideal tool set for drinking water, water filtration and purification, hydroponics, aquariums, swimming pools, and more
  • The water after electrolysis has a different color to show various impurities in the water: Yellow – Dissolve Sanso, Silicon Compounds, Organic Minerals, Molybdenum, Silicon, Fluoride, Other Organics Green: arsenic (arsenic), mercury, lead, copper, sodium Blue: bacteria, viruses, carcinogens, organic phosphorus Red: iron and rust, bacteria. White: lead, zinc, mercury, inorganic dirt Black: heavy metals (zinc, lead, copper, chromium, manganese, cadmium)
  • Further any query feel free to contact us : 9911995476

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Using methord:
1. Ready to test the water, take two of a capacity of 100-150 ml of white glass, a glass of plain water, water purification.
The machine team takes another cup of water and dumps it on the table.
2. Read to test, the flat electrolyzer on the glass, plug in the 220V power supply.
3. Inspection: Press the button to the ON position to start the test, the usual time for the test is 30 seconds.
Water quality standards: It does not contain any harmful substances or odors (especially heavy metals and organic compounds).
Softness and hardness of the water, generally between 50-200 mg / L (as calcium carbonate).
PH value between weakly alkaline (7.0-8.0).
Water and trace elements, and the proportion of moderate mineral content, similar to normal liquid;
Moderate content of dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide (dissolved oxygen ≥6-7 mg / L).
Water with stronger physiological nutritional functions (including dissolution, penetration, diffusion capacity, metabolic power, emulsifying power, cleaning power, etc.).
Security warning

1. When it is on, do not hold the electrode with your hands. Do not insert your finger into the test water. Do not allow children to play with the electrolyzer.
2. After the electrolyzer is exhausted, a dry cloth is applied to dry the electrode, and the water on the iron post is wiped off with gauze and properly maintained.




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